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Mirror in the Spirit Hotel

by Richard Haxton

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Now is the time when the judgment comes, when the critics decide where to point the thumbs. Here's the monetary giant, "Fee fi fo fum, let's keep the people all deaf and dumb." The Bororo say, "To keep it got to give it away." While the seven dwarves shoot it out in east LA Over some street corner turf down in the barrio that's owned by desperados del conglomerado. Hey, preacher, are you ready for the gift of sight? Hey, fighter, wanna pay to see the audience fight? Hey, bomber, wanna see a flash light up the night? So you can say, "Whoever's left must have been right" Well here's your bottle of wine. Here's your old toy drum, here's your broken guitar. Who's gonna be the one to reveal the tiny piece that's really true, The piece the rest of us will be hanging on to? Who's gonna do what they say? Spit it out. What they tell you to say? Spit it out. Got a little slice of heaven, a heaping serving of hell. In the mirror in the spirit hotel   The animals start talking as you open the door. They're telling you why they had to be so quiet before. Why silence is golden. Why less is more. Why, here's the media pimp looking for a whore. Who can push? Who can shove? Do you wanna be below or above? Can you make love, fighter, without taking off your gloves? Forget the joy and the pain. Think about your image, your pride. Any time you're working it you're working with the flip side. Drink to get clever. Smoke to get smart. Shovel some dirt in your veins to cover your broken heart, So you can fall down good. Make your mistakes just right. Watch your shadow getting bigger as you're leaving the light. Yeah, the power can be yours if you do it our way. We'll take you from Christ to anti-Christ and back in a day. Who's gonna do what we say? Spit it out. What we tell you to say? Spit it out You got limited time. Got a story to tell. To the mirror in the spirit hotel   So who's gonna be hard? Who's gonna be tough, Now that the choreographed stuff's rubbing up against the raw stuff? Are you collecting cans or Gauguin's? Lady Mac, understand you got some blood on your hands. Well, this is your last deposit, last trip to the bank. So is it the speed of your motor? Is it the size of your tank? Is it the car you're in, or the road you're on? Who's gonna validate your parking when the palace is gone? This is the big siesta. The end of the era of the flea on the belly of rin tin tierra. The race she completo. Libido finito. Slap another mosquito on the butt of mamacita. Who's ready to lose the shirt and the shoes? Who's gonna be the last fool chained to the ooze? Who's gonna do what they say? Spit it out. What they tell you to say? Spit it out. Time to learn how to fly 'cause you already fell Into the mirror in the spirit hotel   Who's gonna shed their skin? Drop their disguise? Look for themself in somebody's eyes? Who's gonna walk? Crawl? Get stuck in' the sand? Take the time to take hold of somebody's hand? Help somebody be strong so they can help you be strong? Grab hold of the present before the future is gone? Take a bath in the pond, have a laugh in the rain? Maybe the joy is just a dance with the pain. Who's gonna do what they say?
Pterodactyl 04:09
Lately my lover's staying out all night I believe she has another man Lying here awake. Something is not right I've had about all I can stand In the heat of the evening, lying cold in my bed Trying hard to close my eyes I hear a sound strange enough to wake the dead A sound that turns my blood to ice It is the high wailing scream of some gigantic thing It comes from just above my place It sounds like the song the jaws of hell would sing Sweat dripping down my face They say there's bigfoot sasquatches chasing jackalopes Devils & angels racing UFOs Yetis and nessies riding unicorns True blue women & leprechauns I don't know, I don't know I got no proof. All I know There's a pterodactyl on my roof My lover said she's been communing with the dead I said "This must be happening in my dreams" She said "Don't worry, baby, I didn't buy half of what he said Things ain't sometimes what they seem" You think you got it figured out. What you see is what you get Til something strange comes about. You find a few loose ends ain't tied up yet She says I'm wrong, I know I'm right. It happens almost every night She says "Baby, you better stick to the facts. Find me some feathers. Show me some tracks When your rafters start to bend and crack you find out what the facts can lack
Mama, can a giant touch the sky? Can kings get out of their chairs? What does a queen's butt look like, mama? Is it Robin Hood or Robin could? Mama, do you know the answer? Mama, what does a road hog eat? Does blood run through your shoes? Why are your ears wrinkled, mama? Is a lion in the circus still king of the jungle? Mama, do elves wear underwear? Is Mary Poppins God's wife? Who made God, mama? How come Jesus died and came back to life? Mama, can a tank beat up a redwood? If you catch your cat will it break your fishing pole? Does gas come out of the pump slower than I grow? If lightning strikes your cat, will it scream real loud, mama? do you know the answer? Mama, can a giant touch the sky? Can kings get out of their chairs? What does a queen's butt look like, mama? Is it Robin Hood or Robin could? Mama, do you know the answer? Mama, what does a road hog eat? Does blood run through your shoes? Why are your ears wrinkled, mama? Is a lion in the circus still king of the jungle? Mama, do elves wear underwear? Is Mary Poppins God's wife? Who made God, mama? How come Jesus died and came back to life? Mama, can a tank beat up a redwood? If you catch your cat will it break your fishing pole? Does gas come out of the pump slower than I grow? If lightning strikes your cat, will it scream real loud, mama?
Bug Dance 05:21
You put me on hold to call him He put you on hold to call her She put him on hold to call me I put her on hold to call nobody but you All dressed up, finest plumes, rats in a maze, swinging legumes Forbidden fruit, banana smile, bury the bone on the monkey isle Take the cue, climb the tree, big red bottom speaking to me Fight the war in my pants Bug dance, bug dance Suit of flesh and bone Don't leave me all alone Party worm, looking fine, wiggle away behind enemy lines Can't find go, stuck in jail, trouble on double helix trail Bucket of primordial ooze, better spin it again, win or lose Might find God, take a chance Bug dance, bug dance I can see you've got the minus I can feel it making me rush Desperately I'm checking my pockets Is it me that's got the rockets? Who's got that plus? Squeaky wheel looking for grease down the aisle for a little release Big horned sheep, insect eyes attention all shoppers, a thousand lies Raise a leg, wag a tail blow hole open you sensitive whales Strike a pose, take a chance Bug dance, bug dance
I followed my penis today. It took me into some testy situations I found myself speaking casually in the street with someone I intensely dislike. The reason for this sick farce being that our penises had dragged us there to observe these other people without penises who happened to be cruising past in their automobile I found myself in a nuclear war waged by a lot of other fellows who also happened to be following their penises at the time. Somehow we were able to construct and utilize weapons of incredible devastation. I guess what they say is true "Two heads are better than one" I've come to the conclusion that a penis is never politically correct. Maybe it was even designed and attached by some malevolent deity who sits giggling and watching from afar as many of us scurry about like tumid ants. Lately this has become quite disturbing to me. And yet So if ya happen to be equipped with a penis And that penis frequently acts as your guide I have only one suggestion for ya today Make sure that penis is very highly trained Then you can follow your penis today Where ever that penis may lead you To untold heights you both may climb They might even erect twin trade towers in your names Look mom, it's a penis parade. It's coming right up main street in the good old USA Come on mom, let's follow them. Aw, mom, what's the matter? Aaaaaawwww, mom, you always spoil the fun
I'm on my knees to the queen of TV. I'm on my knees to the king of beers Star light, star bright, I know it's time to stand up and fight and I'm ready to do it with all my might but I can't figure out what to smite Won't you help me tell which is right Shake a stick at the darkness or look for the light 'cause the picture's on the color's gone so I spend every night with the black and white Hit me! Everybody's doing it, must be right My feet are moving, my hands are swinging My clock is tick tick tick My pockets are the wrong size, or is it my pants I'm a woman's. I'm a man's. I'm a pose. I'm a stance I'm in a trance 'til I can look at whatiamand dance The whole world waits while I decide should I take the cash or let that credit ride? Should I do it now or wait 'til later when I'm Muzak looking for an elevator? I know I wanna expose the lies but I talk the stuff that launched a thousand flies I can't say no. Can't say yes Gonna lose my heart to the IRS And if my heart should fall apart I'm gonna hang it on the wall and call it art Hit me! Gotta burn to learn. Better cut the cards People say "Hey! Whatchu selling anyway?" Yeah, I heard, but I don't say a word Somebody's got to make a space for all these words that people say to drop into But their words come at me at the speed of sound which is more than one hundred miles an hour I mean "What would you do? What would you say?" They say, "Ya hasta be a masta in the art of forgetting down here" I say, "Get on the road, get on the beam Get out of the warehouse of broken dreams" Can you help me look into that place? Can you help me look into that dark, dark place?
I was crawling through the desert on the edge of night It was looking like I breathed my last A million miles from nowhere. My hope was fading fast When all of a sudden I see a sign. Flashing like a long lost friend "Welcome to The Last Chance Diner" My trouble was at an end So I crawl up to the counter. I got to place my order I crawl up to the counter and I cry "Water. Water!" Somebody says "You can't come in here looking like that you'll make the customers nervous You can't come in here looking like that no shoes, no shirt, no service No shoes, no shirt, no sir" So I die and go to heaven, it's just like standing in line I say, "What's everybody here waiting for?" They say, "Your guess is good as mine" Then an angel with a pencil and paper flies by says "Baby, what's your name? What did you do?" I say, "I used to be a singer in a rock and roll band" She says, "Baby, have we got the thing for you" And I feel myself falling, everything's getting hotter I feel myself falling, and I cry, "Water. Water!" Somebody says And way out in the distance I can just make out Gabriel unpacking his ax He takes it out and he plays something that goes a little like this So if you want to be happy you better dress the part and if you want to be rich you better hide your heart. Just lift up the rug and sweep the dirt and don't you ever get caught without your shoes and shirt You better watch your P's and Q's You better wear your shirt and shoes
Dionysian 06:27
I wake up from my sleep and I rise from the floor It's time for the channels to change. My thumb is on the button. Hope is in my heart. For the heart of darkness I aim. I get the vague feeling that something is wrong 'cause I still can feel the pain. I try another channel but it's not even close. So I run to the kitchen for a bottle of wine. It's a question of focus. It's a race against time. And I try some more channels as I search through the drawers. I cannot find what I am looking for So I stamp back into the living room, and then I sit back down 'cause I' m a Dionysian in search of a corkscrew I used to dance to the drum and the flute, just to celebrate the seasons of change. Climb trees fat with sap from the root. Now just going outside is way out of my range. I used to live in the greatest nation on earth. They call it the imagination. One day conquistadors broke in my place. They burned all my books. They laughed in my face. Started drilling for oil by my living room rug. Said I'd really really dig the coal mine they dug. They confiscated my closet space, emergency storage for nuclear waste. They built a handy franchise of mini malls. They beat freeway close. They're right in the hall. And I'd like to get in my bedroom for a few hours sleep, but the congressman and sweet sixteen won't leave. So I guess I'll sit back down Quantum physics says you change what you see. I'd like to say that's what I believe. But all these programs on my TV, they're looking just about the same to me. Saying "Break out the party hats, blow up the balloons. The whole world is a happy cartoon." Saying "Nothing in the kingdom is constructed to last, and history is a thing of the past." Saying "One day you're thin. The next day you're fat." The talk show host told me about that. She said "You look like you're lost and addicted to chat." I said, "I'm searching for a myth to get me up off the mat. "She said, "You twitch in the kitchen. You bitch and you whine" I said, "I'm waiting for a sign from the fruit of the vine. "She said "You know it's getting very, very late in the night, and your corkscrew is lost and you're too tired to fight. "I said "I can still twist the cap off this alcohol Thank God there's a mini mall right in the hall" Euoi Euoi Euoi Euoi Euoi, I will dance to the drum and the flute Euoi, and climb trees fat with sap from the root Euoi, I'm gonna celebrate this season of juice and blood Euoi, and pull myself out of the mud
They say it's gonna rain tomorrow better figure out what we're gonna need When big mama's tears of sorrow cause the rising of the sea 'cause there's too many ants for the anthill too many bees for the hive and when the queens lose the power only the strong can survive We'll take just what we need. Won't give in to greed 'til they carry us away and if we don't succeed 'cause we ain't up to speed. Let 'em bury you and me In a '55 Chevrolet The little dogs try to right the balances while the big dogs write the checks No problem there's peace out in cyberbia "Revenge of the Spokesmodels" is coming on next Gonna take a tidal wave in the land of the brave to clean these decks In the meantime I'll have the anxiety sandwich between slices of birth and death You can hold the sex, hold it anywhere you want to, but Revolution gave birth to this great nation now it sells us shoes and cars Old bald eagle better fly pretty high or she ain't gonna fly too far PR tells me where I stand My clothes tell me who I are But in the end we're all gonna stand naked and you can tell the lovers by their scars I see me and my lover Riding down the highway into the sunset with the top down They say it's gonna rain tomorrow Better figure out just what we're gonna need
Unique 02:51
We go to unique places And do unique things Wear heads with unique faces And ears with unique rings We make unique friends Who are just like we We stay away from trends So we can be free We are unique We walk tall and proud We are unique We're not just one of the crowd We live in unique houses And drive unique cars We walk in unique street clothes Talk in unique bars We go to unique doctors And only unique nurses Who use unique thermometers To take our unique temperature And it's gonna be a unique city And it's gonna be a unique state And it's gonna be a unique country And it's gonna be a unique world And it's gonna be a unique galaxy And it's gonna be a unique universe Except for maybe a few places But we don't even care
My Mind 05:00
I'm just a fish gone from the ocean since the day I took a notion that a Friday night in town would be cool. Didn't have to think twice, lost my gills shooting dice, go back and be the fool of my school. Life used to be a garden, now I'm working so hard to keep this loneliness from taking me out. I said "This ain't a bad place to start the human race." Just when I was beginning to doubt I started changing my mind, in the face of fear My mind, no see no speak no hear My mind, I walked a million years Changing my mind So now everybody's talking about the new way of walking, didn't look like much to me. I walked the cave to the clover with my shoulders slumped over, with my hands hanging down to my knees. Then here comes Miss Jack got her head pulled way back so she can't even see the ground. I say "These fads last a week then she'll be back like me when she gets tired of falling down" I lost the fur off my body, lost the thumb off my foot 
but I thought love was just a physical thing 
Since I met my lover, the things we have discovered 
every time we touch, it's too much

So on this pseudo psycho techno metro Avogadro Numero kind of night 
I betcha since I metcha I might be able to getcha 
to show me some of your light
Lay me down in fields of grain Pour your water over me The tree lives in the seed I will come to you in time


The spirit encounters the real America through country rock. Funny, deep, it rocks.


released January 1, 1998


all rights reserved



Richard Haxton Los Angeles, California

From the middle of Mississippi, served in Viet Nam in Thailand, lives 5,000 feet from the world's oldest freeway. Searches for transcendence - or something - where science meets the spirit. Never quit fighting the war for the groove!

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